Workout and stay forever young


I should have write this post 3 days ago on my birthday, but it is still relevant.
After a certain age some people don’t like to celebrate their birthdays, because it reminds them they are not immortal. Me? In each year on my birthday I feel I am in the best age.
Of course it crosses my mind too, but whether I spend my time to think of it or not, I can not change that. But I can change my life style, the quality of my life and give the chance to myself – to my body – to have a longer life.

I don’t feel like 38 today, just as didn’t feel my age when I was 29 or 22. I just feel young and ageless. My body as well as my soul. I am not ignoring the facts of ageing, but I try to enjoy and extend the vital force I own today. I feel very strong, stronger then ever.
It pays out to keep myself fit and workout regularly, and you should do the same if haven’t started yet! Regular exercises not only can help you to keep yourself in a good shape and help to improve your physical appearance, but by staying physically active you can delay the effects of ageing. My goal is grow old with the same attitude i have now and become a FitiFuti old lady.
Working out also has a huge effect on our self-confidence; you will feel more energized and positive after a good workout.

When I was a teenager this song below was a very big hit, although I only understood the title, I did like it. And today I still do, especially watching the video with those hairdos. Oh my…Did you have that hairstyle, too? I had. Thanks god, my family only have few pictures left from those times to prove it.

Stay young forever!



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