What is in my lunch bag today?

So what is in my lunch bag today?

To be exact this was my lunch yesterday. And there is no lunch bag. I purchased this really nice lunch bag a while ago which looked like a small woman handbag.  I liked it a lot, because it was very stylish, you couldn’t tell what it held. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long. And than I have started to carry my laptop bag too, so handbag, laptop bag…….so my lunch ended up in my handbag, in a zip-lock. I don’t wish to rename this column to What’s in my Zip-lock? and eventually in two months I will no longer need to carry my laptop bag anymore, when I will look for a new lunch bag.

I made this meal early morning yesterday, I quickly cooked spaghetti and made a tomato sauce with vegetables and meat balls. I love pasta and I love tomato sauce. You could say its not a diet food. But I am not on a diet. I don’t believe in any diets. I have already exercised and walked with dogs in the morning and during the day I needed energy.

                                         WHAT IS IN MY LUNCH BAG TODAY?

This pasta was delicious and was giving me the calories I needed. I drunk a glass of water before the meal and  then I had a peach after, and while I was reading a book on my lunch break I had a coffee and ate my small dark chocolate Kit Kat. As always, I left the apple for the end of my working day, so I didn’t go home by starving. It was absolutely enough, and I only had a light dinner when I got home.

I am sharing what is in my lunch bag, but what is in yours? Can you give ideas to others?

What is in my lunch bag is a column on FitiFuti.com when I regularly let you to peek into my lunch bag. Hopefully by sharing my lunch ideas I can help you to get creative what to take with you for meal.

 If you are away from home for 10-11 hours daily like me, it’s crucial to have a packed meal every day, otherwise we can easily end up having cookies, chocolate, and candy from the vending machine or local shop to ease our hunger. And that will ruin our diet and all the effort we put into exercising and living healthy.

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