What is in my lunch bag? Roasted chicken breast


What is in my lunch bag today? To be honest i am a day behind with this post , again…

I made green beans a day before, with a whole roasted chicken for dinner. It was an obvious choice yesterday to pack from the left over. I have decided to pair the chicken breast with some fresh veggies I found in the fridge: cucumber, tomato and bell pepper.

I prefer things hot, so I filled up a small container with a bit of Mexican hot sauce . I was in a hurry making this photograph, so a peach and my usual small piece of chocolate are missing from the pic, but they were not missing from my bag :) My favorite dark chocolate, my addiction…with coffee of course.

                             WHAT IS IN MY LUNCH BAG

I have to say, this lunch was a bit big for me. The veggies were filling me up so quickly, I felt I ate too much.
That is my only problem with this new lunch box I have just recently purchased, I think its a bit big, makes me to pack bigger portions. I need to watch out next time.
Otherwise I love the compartments , the compact fork and plastic knife, isn’t it cool?
I will keep posting what is in my lunch bag, don’t forget to come back!


What is in my lunch bag is a column on FitiFuti.com when I regularly let you to peek into my lunch bag. Hopefully by sharing my lunch ideas I can help you to get creative what to take with you for meal.

If you are away from home for 10-11 hours daily like me, it’s crucial to have a packed meal every day, otherwise we can easily end up having cookies, chocolate, and candy from the vending machine or local shop to ease our hunger. And that will ruin our diet and all the effort we put into exercising and living healthy.

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