Welcome on my site!


Sexy FitiFuti Monika weight lifting

Hello world!

Welcome on my site FitiFuti.com!

I am so excited to let you know after many late night hours working on this page finally it is done. Or almost done. And this is my first post.
From now on you will able to follow regularly how I exercise at home, I will share my diet tips and opinion on diet an foods , workouts and life in general. My plan includes publishing my own home workout videos soon, as well as blogging in Hungarian additionally to the English.
So there is still a lot to do and I wish a day had more then 24 hours, because I really enjoy the experience of learning and creating this web site, although I have very little time to spend at the computer. But that is why I am a FitiFuti, am I not?
If you would like to know who or what FitiFuti is and your Hungarian knowledge is limited ;), please come back to my site and check out my next post. In the main time you can spy on me by visiting the About me page on this website, or you can leave a comment with your opinion how you like this page.
My Facebook page has been set up, and I will able to keep you updated from there. Just don’t forget to ” like” me!

Again, welcome on my site,


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