The “F” word



You probably would like to know what Fitifuti means or who is Fitifuti?

Well I can assure you, I won’t get upset if you call me by this F word.

In the Hungarian language – my mother language – the word “ fut” means “run”. There are many phrases to describe a person who runs about or runs around all day; FitiFuti is just one sweet and funny way to say it. This word perfectly describes me, my days and my life since I am on the run from morning till evening.

Only the first hour after waking up is quiet and peaceful, when I have my coffee while I read the news and things interest me.  After that the craziness starts : making breakfast, cooking lunch , prep for the day, dog walking, cleaning, going to work, dog walking, shopping if needed, any house work and of course I try to squeeze in my workouts, usually in the morning , but sometimes I only have the time to do it late night.

The point is not to skip or postpone anything, complete everything, because these tasks are all important. Many people would save time – or stay in bed a bit longer- by skipping breakfast or not to pack any lunch. Or skip the workout. But that is why they don’t get anywhere with their diets or exercises.  Planning ahead is the key element in weight management, whether your goal is loosing or gaining weight: planning all of your meals and workouts.

There is no way to healthy life or fit body – healthy, fit life is the way.  And it is your life, your body; you are the one to make the time for yourself.

How do you manage your days?  Can I call you by the ”F” word?

FitiFuti Monika

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