The best blender of 2017 for soups and smoothies

I believe 2017 is the “Year of smoothies”. Smoothies are everywhere. You can’t read any fitness magazine or chef’s recipe book – even daily newspapers – without having few glasses, or mason jars of colorful smoothies in it. Personally I prefer chewing my meals and try to limit my liquid calorie intake to coffees and soups, but i understand why smoothies are so popular.

If you planning to buy the best blender for yourself –  or perhaps as a gift – to make those beautifully blended, nutritious drinks or homemade soups, then you going to like the link below. The team at have tested the most highly rated blenders of 2017 to determinate their strength and efficiency.

The Best Blenders of 2017

This is not a sponsored post; I truly like and trust this review.  I spend way too much time reading other people’s opinion and experiences before buying electrical goods, so this saves me lots of time.


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