Thanksgiving Workout

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What does Thanksgiving means to you? Festive foods, a family reunion or time for vacation or perhaps great shopping?

In the past few weeks all the newspapers, magazines were full of articles writing about this coming Thanksgiving, but mostly of its food and shopping. Unfortunately for many, this holiday is equal to weight gaining.

How you can stop this to happen?
My answer is very simple.
1, You should not stop exercising during any festive season; it only takes 10-20 minutes with home workouts to keep those pounds off.
2, You should eat delicious, diverse meals all year around including some of those cakes and pies you are dying for today. Feed yourself every day with tasty, good quality food.
3, Share! Think of those who can’t afford the same delicious dishes and invite them to have a dinner with you and your family or take some food to them!

                                      THANKSGIVING WORKOUT BREAKDOWN

This Thanksgiving workout has 20 rounds: ten seconds rest followed by 30 seconds of exercise. Five exercises repeated four times. Write down your reps, so you can compare them later when you get back to this workout. I was using my Gymboss timer , but if you don’t have one you can use an online interval timer.

1, Single leg jump – alternate legs in each round
2. Squats with weight
3, Crossed leg push up – alternate legs in each round
4, Hanging knee raises
5, Reverse lunges with kick – alternate legs in each round

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy my workout!

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