“Ten minutes hell” fat burning workout


I have made my first workout video!!!!! This is a huge thing for me, because everything on this site is done by me; I had to learn everything from website building, to video editing. This first video a bit amateurish, but it will get better with time.

This is also a very good example, if you would like to have something enough, you can do it. That is the attitude you should have too, just make up your mind, set your goals and don’t wait someone else to do it for you, because guess what? It won’t happen. Your goals needs to be realistic, but don’t afraid to dream bigger then the people around you. And if you don’t reach your goals? Still, you are already a bit closer to your dreams.

This fitness journey I am sharing with you, I can only win. If only few people like what I do I will still get a nicer body and so much knowledge! If you decide to keep up with me, you can get the same, because I will write about my obstacles and successes, this way you can learn from it.

So what is your fitness goal? How would you like to see yourself in a year from now? Do you have the exact plan with the steps you need to take to accomplish it or you are waiting for a magic pill?

My goals are:

1, Flatter stomach with less fat

2, Bigger shoulders and lean, well built arms

3, Firmer buttock

I know I need to do a lot of fat burning exercises to reach goal # 1, 3.

To start, here is my first fat burning workout routine. I have used my interval timer, if you don’t have one, you can use an online timer/stopwatch. I used to use that too.

                                 Workout breakdown

Length: 10 minutes

This exercise challenge had 15 rounds of 40 seconds. I have repeated 5 different exercises three times without any rest.

1, Double Burpees

2, Raises and Squat Jump

3, Lunge with leg lift – right leg

4. Lunge with leg lift – left leg

5, Side to side push up – press up in UK :)

Best wishes,


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