Superfood – Oat & Oatmeal

If you could have a magic pill which would help you to maintain your weight, assist in weight loss ,would lower your cholesterol while would reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, cancer ..

Size matters

  [wpfblike] Hi, Do you agree that size matters? Well, I am talking about portion size. When I was in my twenties …

The “F” word

  Hi, You probably would like to know what Fitifuti means or who is Fitifuti? Well I can assure you, I won’t …

Fat loss by sleeping?

Hi, I have been wondering why it takes more time to get results of the workouts lately like it used to. What do …

Eating, Food, Diet

  Hi,   I enjoy eating; probably too much. Most people by mentioning the word diet immediately starts to think of starving for …

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