Superfood – Oat & Oatmeal

The term “superfood” names all those fruits, veggies and drinks which will have a very good impact on our weight loss, weight management and health, often with high vitamin and antioxidant level and significant amount of dietary fibres. It isn’t an official term used by nutritionists and dieticians, rather then a marketing term to increase the sales of certain foods.
Superfoods are not always exotic fruits as we often imagined, many times they are actually in our kitchen, in our fridge or at least we can easily get them. Couldn’t we just call every fruits and vegetables superfoods? I don’t know, but I will try to find out and share with you how my favourite foods, veggies and fruits affect our short and long term health according to the scientific researches of nowadays.


If you could have a magic pill which would help you to maintain your weight, assist in weight loss ,would lower your cholesterol while would reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, cancer and the risk of type II diabetes, would be loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, would you take it? How much would you pay for such a pill per month? A £100? $150 ?

Wherever you go advertisements, TV, fitness magazines suggest that the secret of attractiveness and healthy body is in supplements, special – often complicated and expensive – diet plans and treatments. We tend to forget those basic foods which should be the pillars of our diet due to their nutrition benefits. Oatmeal is the perfect example of that. Oatmeal is the magic pill.

When was the last time you were stirring oatmeal for breakfast?
Superfood oat & oatmeal are probably the cheapest and best superfood you could eat daily. How long it takes to prepare it? That depend how you like it: oats in a muesli could take maximum 30 seconds to mix it with nuts, fresh or dried fruits and milk. Cooking oatmeal can take 5-15 minutes, depend on the oat you use. But it worth the time.

Oats are full of fiber and protein, while relatively low in calories. The water soluble fiber of this wholegrain helps to control the glucose level in the blood, providing a slow release of energy all day and making you feel full longer by absorbing water and slowing down the digestive process.
The amino acid profile of this superfood is one of the best of any grain. The list of essential vitamins and minerals includes iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, vitamin E, thiamine to mention few.

I love oats, specially oatmeal. For breakfast, for snack or dinner.You can guess what is my favorite spice to add to it. I give a hint : an other superfood.
Make sure you adopt this affordable food to your diet plan!!!You wont regret it!
Do you have some healthy receipts to share made of oats?

Best wishes,


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