Superfood – Cinnamon


During the years I have lived in Mexico I tried many unfamiliar dishes, fruits, spices. Some of these became my favourites and changed my eating habits forever, and some I could just not stand at all.
One of the spices I fall into the habit to use every day was cinnamon. Cinnamon was well known for me, we in Hungary use it in apple pies, in sweet crepes, and in some other sweets, but it is not as widely used as in Mexico. (Before, I did not know that Mexico was one of the biggest importers of cinnamon.)
So today I can tell cinnamon is my favourite spice. I have some ground cinnamon every single day, it makes a magic with my unsweetened breakfast cereal. Without knowing that cinnamon is a superfood and all the benefits I can get from it, I have been consuming it regularly since years.

I have only learned how beneficial is for my body last year, when my husband got food poisoning from a chicken I made for us for dinner. I also ate from it, but I had no sign of any sickness. We were wondering how that could happened? How come I was ok, while he was so sick, he could not get out from bad for a week? No, I did not try to poison my husband. :) That time I happened to run into an article about cinnamon, which said that researches from Kansas State University shown evidences that cinnamon kills E.coli and may fight other bacteria present in food such as salmonella and campylobacter. Could be my cinnamon intake the reason I have survived the evening meal?
I have continued to search after this interesting flavouring. This is what I have found:

– The cinnaldehyde in cinnamon helps to prevent the forming of dangerous clots in blood
– Cinnamon can lower LDL, the “bad” cholesterol
– Can stop yeast infections
– great source of manganese ,fibre, iron and calcium
– smelling cinnamon can boost memory and brain function

These are just few of the many reasons this spice is considered one of the healthiest food on earth.
I also like the long lasting taste in chewing gums, its strong and refreshing aroma in home scents and I use the curled cinnamon barks sticks as a decorating element.

The superfood cinnamon is called “fahej” in Hungarian, “canela” in Spanish, how do you say it in your language?


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