Superfood – Cherry


I wasn’t particularly keen to climb any tree as a child, as I was always afraid to fall down, or injure myself. I wasn’t a tomboy. However when the cherries were ripe – the sweet ones, not the sour cherry – , all my fear was gone. Climbing a tree to collect the cherries is always fun, no matter you are a child or adult. I had no idea cherry was a superfood, but I can’t name any other fruit which is associated with so much fun, memories, and times with friends or family. Probably grape harvesting is similar, but I can’t recall having any fun time doing that.

Why is so much fun to do this? Because ones you have a good spot on the tree, you place your basket or bag to hang on a limb and you can start to place the cherries into your mouth!! Yes, you could put them to the basket too, but that’s secondary. You are surrounded by this delicious, beautiful, red fleshy fruit and you eat them until you can’t move. You won’t get the same result by doing it from the ground. They have been already eaten off.

So what are the health benefits cherries have? Why I call cherries superfood?
First of all, they are packed with powerful nutrients for a relatively low calorie count. Cherries contain high level of anthocyanins which give the fruit their brilliant colors. Anthocyanins have powerful antioxidant properties, they act like anti-inflammatory agents, may protect against cancer and able to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced in our brain, a rare found in foods, but cherries one of the few food sources rich in this hormone, that helps you sleep better , even can reduce jet lag as it aids biorhythm regulation.
Cherries are good source of fiber and Vitamin C too.

You can probably tell I love cherries. Its just one of those fruits I can’t stop eating until they are front of me.

I would never make any meal or pie from sweet cherries, because I love them too much as fresh. The opposite is true for sour cherries. I like them fresh, but like it even better in a chilled cherry soup, cherry pie, ice cream etc.

The receipt of my favorite chilled sour cherry soup will come soon, a super soup of this superfood cherry.



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