Superfood – Banana


The term “superfood” names all those fruits, veggies and drinks which will have a very good impact on our weight loss, weight management and health, often with high vitamin and antioxidant level and significant amount of dietary fibres. It isn’t an official term used by nutritionists and dieticians, rather then a marketing term to increase the sales of certain foods.
Superfoods are not always exotic fruits as we often imagined, many times they are actually in our kitchen, in our fridge or at least we can easily get them. Couldn’t we just call every fruits and vegetables superfoods? I don’t know, but I will try to find out and share with you how my favourite foods, veggies and fruits affect our short and long term health according to the scientific researches of nowadays.

An ultimate fruit: banana. When I was a kid and was growing up in the communist Hungary, we could only eat banana twice a year, at Christmas and at Easter. And unless you had some relatives working at the superstore, your parents had to stay in a long queue to get them. (Today, you only see these lines on the Boxing Day, or if a new Apple store opens somewhere.) There was always a fear the store might run out of bananas by the time they get there. And if it didn’t then our parents tried to buy as many green bananas as they could afford, because it was very expensive.

Maybe this is why eating banana always gives me good feelings? The magic of the memories? Or the good feeling is the result of the enhanced level of serotonin caused by this essential amino acid called tryptophan from the banana? Probably both, but either way is I eat at least one banana a day.

Instinctively I always knew how good it is for me, and I always preferred the less yellow fruit. What I didn’t know that the less ripe banana can contain almost twice as much fiber then the ripe one. Fiber can help to maintain normal bowel function. It also contains pectin, a soluble fibre, which normalizes the movement through the digestive track. You know what it feels like to have digesting problems? Next time just eat a superfood banana!

What else?
This superfood has a high content of potassium to help to improve the health of our heart, and can reduce blood pressure. Potassium also can help to reduce the chances of kidney stones by suppressing of calcium excretion in the urine and from the same reason it minimizes the calcium loss from the body, so may prevent osteoporosis.
Bananas contain Vitamin B and C, iron, manganese and magnesium.

In summary bananas are good for your nerves, good for your stomach, for your bones, kidneys and heart. Its cheap, tastes good and its easy to grab one any time. When i am hungry I would always pick a superfood banana over any junk food.


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