Superdog Roxy


I am Superdog Roxy. A black Staffordshire terrier you can sometimes see in the FitiFuti workout videos. Not often, because I don’t like to be on camera, and I usually prefer to leave the room instead. Why am I a Superdog? Because everything is super on this website, super this, super that, so I guess I deserve it too. And I am super cute.

I was a year and a half old when I became the part of this family, that time I was the only dog, and I was getting all the attention from them. They took me everywhere, and they often called me ”Szamoca”, which means strawberry in this weird language I had to learn when I moved in. Sometimes we kept a boot camp week, when we were walking and running miles and miles with Monika on the field, and usually during theses weeks I lost some weight. But I liked it, it was fun.

Since Dodi is here, everything completely has changed. Nowadays they nick name me “Terrorist”, when I just try to explain to Dodi : 1,who was here first, and 2, who is the older dog anyway. Don’t take me wrong I like Dodi, but he is sooo silly sometimes. It’s good he lives with us, we can play together, and he is a big, quite good looking male.
We running around and jumping up and down a lot, till they say ”stop, enough!”, then we have to stop. I don’t understand what the difference between when we jump up and down, or when Monika is doing her jumping around alone, which she calls “workout”. Sometimes she is doing it so long, she can hardly breathe, she looks like she will pass out, then we often run there and lick her face to help her getting better. It is hard to please her tough, because she is not always appreciate this life saving move.

Not too long ago, I had some infection, and I had a surgery – awful experience – I was spayed, whatever that means. Since that I am feeling so well and I am so happy. The only problem, Monika put me on a diet and I can only eat once a day, and my new food is supposedly much healthier then the previous one. I don’t know if it has anything to do with this FitiFuti life style and her web site, but I had no problem with artificial flavouring before.

That it is for now, but you will hear from me later on.


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