Strong is the new skinny a la Monika


The trademark phrase of Jennifer Nicole Siciliano ‘Strong is the new skinny’ became a world wide movement by now.
It’s interesting how the view of our body image is changing throughout the years, because we are getting older and more confident, because the influence of the media, because of health reasons or because of a good marketer. But it changed for the better and it was already time for a change.
To tell the truth i didn’t have a clue about this until now, when I have just googled where it was coming from and realised it’s based on similar exercises I do. How interesting that I just listened my instincts what workouts I should or shouldn’t do without being an expert.

I always liked and admired if someone had a well built body, just because I know it doesn’t come easy. Its not just I go to the gym today and have a six pack tomorrow. It takes lots of hard work and disciple to get there. Also I find quite sexy when a woman had lean muscles, athletic figure. I always wished to have it myself.
I just didn’t know how to get it. Or I thought I knew, but I actually didn’t.
I always stayed active and exercised at home or in the gym, but I was doing it wrong. Either I was too thin or too bulky. Today, with my short and intense workouts and with relatively healthy eating habits I am very happy the way I look and feel in my own skin. Am I perfect? Ha ha ha , I feel perfect! I know I have cellulite and I don’t have a six pack, but I feel strong, agile and in the same time very feminine and sexy- the characteristics of a FitiFuti! And my husband feels the same about me. What else I need?
The best thing about my life style that is truly maintainable. I can always work out for 10-20 minutes at home, and I always enjoy that 10-20 minutes.

                                 STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY Breakdown

Strong is the new skinny has three rounds of the following 4 exercises:
1, 5 pull ups
2, 10 push ups
3, 20 triceps pull downs
4, 100 low jacks



And i just added few more minutes of fat burning at the end…

Who do you admire for her body? What is your goal? To be skinny or strong ? I would like to hear your opinion….

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