Size matters



Do you agree that size matters? Well, I am talking about portion size.

When I was in my twenties I was eating like a pig. This habit just got worse when we moved to Canada, where everything was about “better value”, and we were purchasing for example ice creams of 5 kilos. There, everything was huge, milk of over two litres, cheese of half kilo, big containers of butter, 12-24 yoghurts in a pack, crazy!  Soon I was preparing meals for the two of us like others would do for a family of five. It didn’t particularly caused me problems, but I was wondering sometimes how could I eat that much. To make it worse didn’t matter what was it or when, I always had the appetite to consume some food. That time my husband was doing heavy weight training, and since his goal was weight gaining my portions didn’t seem that big besides his. Those times are over, we both decided to cut back on portions, and though I still eat very often, I can’t eat that much anymore.

Even if you eat healthy, overeating can lead to health problems and overweight. Cutting back on portions is the easiest way to loose weight, so do it anyway! Our body can adjust to it quickly; it is not as hard as you would think.

My best advice is:

– Shop for smaller presentations in the supermarket, especially if you buy snacks, sweets, pasta. Don’t go for the “good value”, because it will have a very bad impact on your health and weight management. Fruits, veggies are exceptions of this.

– Avoid super sizes of meals and drinks in coffee shops, sandwich bars; it is absolutely ridiculous to walking around with half litre of cappuccino anyway.

– Cook less or freeze half of the meal you have cooked, whenever it is possible- it’s also a great way to avoid eating junk food, because you can just reheat your nice, home made food when needed.

– Freeze bread, bakery products by portions, and take out only one portion in the morning for the day.

– Eat from a smaller plate. I have been doing that since so long, and I have got to the point when I don’t even like to eat from normal plate. It’s true for drinking from cups and mugs as well, go with the smaller size.

– Serve less meal, or fill your plate with vegetables before anything.

Drink water before starting to eat. Not just any liquid, water, please! It makes you feel fuller sooner and also good for your digestion.

– Ask yourself before refilling your plate: Am I still really hungry? We often have the misconception what the feeling of satiety means. If it is hard to stand up after eating you had way too much.

– If you pack your meals for the day, have some healthy snacks with you, like nuts, fruits, veggies and have them before you get home. You should never wait to get to the point when you just feeling soooo hungry, that is when it’s really easy to lose control.

– It is ok to ask in a restaurant to pack your leftovers and take it home.

– My last advice is a bit mean, but when you are having the most amazing ice-cream, cake or chocolate, the ones you can just not stop eating, ask the people around you, if they would like to have some, someone will always say yes which means you will have less.

Had enough for today?


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