Raspberry Sorbet


Raspberry SorbetI swapped my dark chocolate addiction to ice cream addiction. Coconut ice-cream, lemon or raspberry sorbets are my favorites. I have bought so many different brands and selected the bests, but after few months of repeated consumption of the same flavors I wanted something different, something even better, I wanted the perfect sorbet. I wanted to reach the ice cream Nirvana. I guess this is the real sign of addiction, isn’t it? So the next step was obvious, making my own ice cream ,my own raspberry sorbet.


I started with the sorbet, because that looked easier to make. Also, I started with the sorbet, because I don’t have an ice cream maker, and I have no plans to buy one neither. There is no way I can make room for another kitchen appliance, not to mention the fact that many are quite a hassle to use. First I read several receipts and then I ignored them all and made my own. I always considered cook books to be used for guiding us in the kitchen and not to be exactly followed. So this is my very first home made raspberry sorbet with reduced amount of sugar.


I boiled 400 ml water in a small saucepan and then I added 200 grams sugar to it and the equivalent of 200 gram of sugar from Splenda. Once they dissolved in the hot water I pull them aside from the heat and let the syrup to cool down.Raspberry

I well washed 400 grams fresh raspberries and then mixed it in a bowl with my hand blender. I flavored it with few drops of lemon juice too. This was not in my original plan, but after the blending I suddenly decided to get rid of the seeds of this puree by using a strainer and a spatula. I would not do this next time; I just don’t think it’s necessary.

Once the syrup was cold I stirred the two together – the syrup with the raspberry puree – and I poured the mixture in to a plastic container and placed it to the freezer. Than the counting has begun! I took out the sorbet mixture every hour and stirred it with a fork. This is to break up any ice and prevent the sorbet to get too hard. I have worried first because there was really no ice to break!!! But then I fall asleep….The first picture above shows the result.

I have to admit the texture of this Sorbet was not as soft, smooth as I expected and I think it was way too sweet. Next time I will be using much less sugar and less sweetener too.

So , why I am still publishing this receipt?
First, because it is still a fantastic summer dessert made of fresh fruits, with reduced amount of sugar and no preservatives or added colors to it. Second, I hope someone will make a comment and tell me what went wrong and how can I perfect this recipe ?

Have you ever tried to make a sorbet? Do you have a good receipt to share?


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