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These products I own, like and would recommend to you!

P90X Chin-Up Bar

This chin-up bar is just simple my best and smartest investment in my training.

It’s easy to install it or remove it and it’s always in my sight to challenge me. Sometimes I use it part of my workout or I just do 4-5 pull ups when I walk under the pull up bar. It’s a fantastic equipment to train my upper body.


GYMBOSS Interval Timer

Gymboss is a stopper watch and an interval timer in one. It’s small and loud, easy to set up and wear.



 RDX Heavy Duty Medicine Ball

This leather RDX medicine ball reminds me of my school years. It replaces dumbbells or adds some weight to my exercises for a change. Don’t underestimate its effect though; this ball can help to improve core balance, strength and endurance. It’s fun to use it.



Bodymax 8 and 12 kg Kettlebell Cast Iron

One of the best way to combine weight training with cardio workout and exercise the whole body is using a kettlebell. This is a new experience for me too, but I enjoy the variety of exercises I can do with it.

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