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Superfood Cherry

Superfood – Cherry

I wasn’t particularly keen to climb any tree as a child, as I was always afraid to fall down, or injure myself. I wasn’t a tomboy. However when the cherries were ripe – the sweet ones, not the sour cherry – , all my fear was gone.

Superfood – Oat & Oatmeal

If you could have a magic pill which would help you to maintain your weight, assist in weight loss ,would lower your cholesterol while would reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, cancer ..

Happy Feet Workout

Hi! Did you know that in some eastern European countries like Hungary or the Czech Republic, Santa comes on the 6th of …

Thanksgiving Workout

Hi, Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What does Thanksgiving means to you? Festive foods, a family reunion or time for vacation or perhaps …


Hello, Count or countdown! The best thing is about working out at home that no matter what happens around me, how hectic …

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