No excuse! butt forming and leg shaping excercise


I have made a mistake when I was recording the video below. I forgot to delete the previous recordings from the memory stick, and pretty soon the camera stopped working. I had to have a short break to fix it, and then I forgot to restart the stopper watch, so at the end I was quite a mess. To measure time is an important element, because it can give us the opportunity to compare our performances; however it isn’t the most important factor. The most important component of the workout is the workout itself, the fact that I have finished it, regardless of all the disturbances.

In life things don’t always happen as we plan them, anything can change, go wrong. However this can not stop us to reach our goal whether is small or big. Don’t forget, you can not skip anything; you need to take many small steps before achieving your goal, as you can’t get to the top of the mountain with one big step.
This workout, despite of all, was a great exercise routine. In an hour I felt the soreness in my glutes and legs, which is the sure sign of a good workout.


This butt forming and leg shaping workout has 16 rounds. I have repeated 4 different exercises four times; I have tried to do it without any rest, but I had to stop sometimes for few seconds just to catch my breath or have some water.

1. Squat and leg lift combo 5-5 reps with each leg
2. High knees 50 reps
3. Side to side lunge jump 25 reps
4. Mountain climber 25 reps

What do you think, how did it go? Would you try it yourself?


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