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I have been without my car since the last two weeks. It broke down – luckily at the front of a car service – and one problem just came after the other, but finally I will get it back tomorrow morning.
I love to drive, I like to travel, and I enjoy the speed so I definitely like to own a car, however since we have moved to England I don’t use a car too much. The roads are very narrow, traffic is awful, petrol and parking is expensive and while I have learned to drive on the left side I don’t find it natural. Although, by now, probably I would get confused to drive on the right side as well :) . I take the train instead of driving and I walk instead of taking a bus.

During these two weeks you would think my life got more complicated, but on the contrary, it was actually more peaceful. I had more free time, because I was not making plans to go here or there, I managed my shopping online – Thanks for Tesco online grocery shopping I have got everything delivered in to my kitchen, as well as dog food and other stuff were ordered via internet. Not having a car also made me to rethink my cooking plans a lot better in order to avoid additional trips to the local small shop.

This experience reminded me of those years when I was very young and I could not drive yet and showed me it is absolutely possible to live without a car. We tend to freak out if we have to give up our comfort and forget how to manage daily tasks without a car. Walking is a great exercise, and one of the easiest and best ways to keep ourself fit. If your goal is fat burning, walking a lot and everyday is a must. Have you ever noticed that there are places where it takes longer to get with a car than without, but we still choose driving there? Is it a shame to use our legs? Do you own a car? What was the last time you chose walking instead of driving?

The list of the benefits of walking is endless. You should start with picking one reason and pair it with one task when and where you should walk to. You will find out its not that difficult at all,just stick to the right order: left leg after right leg.

                                                       LIVING ROOM WORKOUT

I was repeating the following 6 exercises 3 times. I was trying to do as many reps of each exercise as I could during 1 minute, and then I moved forward to the next exercise without a rest. After the six minutes I had a minute break and then repeated the whole cycle twice more.

1, Low Jack and One Leg Hop
2, Backward Lunge with Weight
3, Push Up and Drop Down
4, Lying Hyperextension
5, Mountain Runner
6, Lying Leg Swing

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