In Da Kitchen Workout


Have you ever met someone who always has something going on in her/his life, someone who is always where the trouble is? Someone who goes to do her grocery shopping and comes back with a full story of strange coincidences? Someone who moves to a peacefull town, but only his/ her building is full of idiots. A person who hates snakes and spiders, but constantly running into them? Well, before you jump and watch the In Da Kitchen Workout video let me introduce a person just like that: Me.

My life was always full of strange events, no matter how hard I try to escape from them; I must have some kind of magnetism to attract these.
My husband injured himself 7 months ago, and he can hardly walk since. This period of our life have been very stressful already – he is healing slower then expected – so I was delighted to have a week off from work.

I was planning to sleep more – its easy to beat my usual 4-5,5 hrs -, sort out all the piled up paper works, bills, phone calls and work on my blog, taking videos etc. Well, this was the plan. But then realty came.

On the first night my neighbour scared a hell out of me when I was opening the door to take out the dogs and he was lying at my door. Then few hours later his girlfriend came home and they started to fight. It turned into so bad they were kicking out all the trash bins, throwing things – stones – to each other on the street, until someone has called the police. Next day when I left the building I was shocked, there was trash everywhere on the street, and my car‘s light was broken too. Great! I have lost half of my day calling the police and then the insurance company. They won’t pay it.
I was trying to stay calm, I still had the other half of the day to enjoy, so I decided I will do a week worth of grocery shopping, so I don’t need to waste my time later on. When I came back from shopping the police was all over my house. They tried to climb in to the apartment next to me – where this young couple lives. Later they came back undercover, with plain cars, but all dressed in black uniform and bullet-proof vests. They ended up taking my neighbour and some guy escaped from prison – according to the lady lives behind us. Good start of my week off, isn’t it?

Maybe this action–packed life of mine is one of the many reasons I prefer home workouts. It’s safe here at home, ha ha ha.

Last night I have recorded this In Da Kitchen Workout, which is not only short, but its lot of fun as well. It isn’t for women only, I don’t believe in such a thing anyway.
If you decide to do it, make sure the legs of the chairs you use wont slip on the floor, which is why I used my mat.

                                    IN DA KITCHEN WORKOUT BREAKDOWN

This In Da Kitchen Workout has 15 rounds with 50 seconds workout and 10 seconds rest in each.
Five exercises – repeated three times.

1, Backward Lunges – alternated leg
2, Single Leg Squats with left leg elevated
3, Single Leg Squats with right leg elevated
4, Knee Raises
5, Elevated Push Ups

Have fun, life is short!

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