I am back with a 10 minutes home fat loss workout

I am back! Thank you for patiently waiting for my posts and videos and sending me emails and comments.
My laptop broke down just before Christmas, and it took more than two months to get a new one; it was still under guaranty and they couldn’t repair it. Then, in February I had a small surgery, which left me in a condition when I couldn’t workout at all, and I had to increase the intensity of my workout slowly.
But today I feel so full of energy!
The fact that spring is here changes my mood too. The tulips gardens, the trees in blossom, the smell of spring put a smile on my face. I love warm weather only -period.

The first time in my life the fact I am in a good state of health and good physical condition had a real, serious benefit. It not just made feel safe, but I was very proud, when the assessment before the surgery ensured me, that I am a dream of an anaesthetist. By having healthy body mass index and a very healthy heart reduce the risk to a minimal during general anaesthetic.
Until now, vanity was taking bigger part of my motivation to live an active, healthy life. Looking good was my main goal and the benefit of that was being healthy too. I can promise it has changed now, I have truly felt the importance of having a healthy body; it has to be my main goal and obviously it will have an affect on my appearance.

So what did I do today to maintain that? A 10 minutes Home Fat Loss Workout. These countdowns became my favorites lately. They are short with no rest, and challenging enough. Few days before I have done this workout and I almost managed to have 5 full cycles. My goal this time was to complete the 5 full rounds, but I have failed to do that. Maybe I was too tired, I am not sure, but I couldn’t even complete as much as before. So this is still an ongoing challenge.

                                      10 MINUTES HOME FAT LOSS WORKOUT

The 10 minutes Home Fat Loss Workout is a countdown with the following four exercises:
1, 50 Mountain Climber
2, 10 Push Up
3, Triple Jump: Vertical, Star & Knee Tuck
4, Squat lift & press

Intensity is a key element in this workout.

Until my next workout, enjoy the spring ,enjoy the sunshine and keep moving!!!!


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