Happy Feet Workout


Did you know that in some eastern European countries like Hungary or the Czech Republic, Santa comes on the 6th of December and fills up our boots with chocolate, sweets or with a willow switch, depend on how good or bad we were during the year.

If you care about your eating, or if you are on a diet, this time of the year is the most challenging of all. Wherever you go are chocolate, cakes, sweets, everybody is snacking, not to mention the several Xmas parties you are invited offering dinners and plenty of drinks. From some strange reason everybody acts if this month was different from the other eleven months, and the calories would just disappear into the air in the month of December , allowing us to eat and drink whatever we have front of us. Even worse you only hear the inciting, nobody advise you differently. It’s December – it’s allowed.
But we all know we have to pay a big price for this later. Our body works and digest exactly the same way like it would in any month. And while we feel we just celebrate, overeating puts a strain on our body, our heart, our digestive system.

Don’t let this happen! Don’t get into a trap of gaining lots of weight in the festive season; it will take lots of sweat, effort and time to get rid of it later on. You don’t need to accept all the foods, snacks being offered to you. Be the one who will show an example and refuses the unhealthy foods or portions, and sticks to the healthy alternatives even during the holiday season.

I have also caught myself having a bit of extra chocolate here, a bit of biscuit there. Fortunately I have noticed in time, and now I am back to my usual eating plan. This is what I do: if I fancy some chocolate – my greatest weakness – I ask myself “Is it really chocolate I want? How about having some water or an apple?” And you know what? I have realized many times I would just like to chew something – my mouth is just bored. :)  ( I guess heavy smokers cant quit from the same reason).So I get a chewing gum instead.

I have experienced some numbness in my right arm for few days, and I couldn’t work out. After three days I put together a workout named Happy Feet workout, which focuses on the legs and butt, and the arms were just supporting the balancing.

                                    HAPPY FEET WORKOUT BREAKDOWN

The Happy Feet workout has 4 exercises only. After each 10 seconds of rest I worked out for 35 seconds. I have repeated these four exercises three times.

1, Happy Feet skipping
2, Deep squat pulses
3, Squat with leg lift
4, 2 jump lunges & a squat jump

Why don’t you try it? It’s a fantastic butt forming exercise!


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