Fifty Fifty Workout


Finally here is my new workout,the Fifty Fifty Workout I have made on Sunday, but I was too busy to edit it until yesterday. I named it Fifty Fifty workout, but don’t think it is an easy and quick 100 reps workout. Nooo! It has ten exercises with fifty reps each. In my world that is like a longer training. I have made on Sunday and on Monday I was enjoying the sweet pain in my legs, butt and upper body, although last week I have been doing longer workouts already.What is this perpetual craving for pain? Why we enjoy it so much? Anybody can tell me? It is painful to do the exercises, and then for days you get a different ache in your muscles. And once its gone you do it again, try it even harder. Can we be addicted to pain? I wonder, I think we can. That seems like the only explanation, why I get so excited before a workout and enjoy the challenge and the suffering. Is this a form of masochism? I hope its not a disorder…ha ha ha . I will search for this later; I would like to know what the pain causes in our brain in order to keep wishing for it, but if you have the answer please share it with me!



1, 50 reps Skier Hop

2, 50 reps Prisoner Squat Jump

3, 50 reps Dumbbell Swing (25/25 with each arm)

4, 50 reps Prisoner Lunge

5, 50 reps Mountain Climbers

6, 50 reps Push Up with Shoulder Tap

7, 50 reps Half Hand Stand

8, 50 reps Wood Chopper (25/25 on each side)

9, 50 reps Pendulum

10, 50 reps Plank Jump

Could you do it?

Best wishes,


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