Fat loss by sleeping?


I have been wondering why it takes more time to get results of the workouts lately like it used to. What do I do differently? What have changed? Many things have changed, I have moved, I have got older, I am living in a different climate. But I try to maintain the same diet, if I changed something it’s for the better, I haven’t picked up any bad eating habits, on the contrary, I am much more disciplined.

What have changed though are the hours of sleep I am getting. When I used to live in Canada I went to bed every night at 11PM by watching Friends. In Mexico I used to go to bed with David Letterman. I mean watching David Letterman. Now, I never get to bed before midnight, or half past midnight, but I still wake up at 6 or before. So, obviously I don’t sleep enough.

 Is that possible that lack of sleep will make you fatter? If so, why this element is overlooked?

 I was researching on this matter, and I have found very little scientific results, which I would not mention, because they didn’t really proof anything, and anyway in few years they will proof the opposite of it. Instead let me put two and two together, based on my own experience.

What happens when I am short on sleep?

– I have increased appetite, most likely in the late hours.

– I drink more coffee (some people prefer energy drinks, even worse!!!)

– I crave for more carbohydrates

– I don’t give the recovery time to my muscles, which means at the next workout I will start at a disadvantage

– I wake up tired

– I am more stressed

– Fall a sleep every time I sit longer then 20 minutes J

– I struggle to do the exercises with full strength.

What happens when we sleep 7-9 hours?

–         During those hours we are fasting

–         We are giving the time to our body to digest all meal

–         The body can recover the torn muscle tissues caused by exercising

–         We wake up fresh and energized

–         Waking up with a flatter stomach

–         We will able to complete our exercises with maximum effort

I think it is obvious that I need to break this bad habit and have to get to bed earlier to get all these benefits. I can have the best food and the determination to exercise; I still can’t build lean muscle and burn fat without enough sleep.

From today I will try to plan my evenings better, and get into my PJs latest at 11.30 – to start with – and on my days off will have my siesta, just like when I used to live in Cancun. Let’s see how it will affect my fitness level and fat burning. What do you think? Did you ever think this over?

I will keep you updated on it!

Good night,


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