Express Fat Burning Workout


My days are very busy. From the minute I wake up everything is scheduled, and I run against time. Sometimes I feel like a mechanical doll, which’s turned on every morning and dies every night. But I don’t want to skip things, and I definitely don’t want to miss my workouts whether is a fat burning workout or weight training .
No wonder express and quick workouts are my favourites.
Just like this Express Fat burning workout, which I have completed in 7 minutes and 12 seconds. I guess if I was less tired, I could do better, but actually this was my best time so far for this routine.

                                                       WORKOUT BREAKDOWN

1, 100 reps high knees
2, 10 reps jump squats
3, 40 reps mountain runner
4, 10 reps burpees

And I have repeated these four exercises three times, without a break- or only for a sip of water.
This Express Fat Burning Workout is only  a seven minutes long workout with the benefits of enjoying the calorie burning all day! Not bad, hm?

Enjoy your day!


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