Diet tip # 3 – Cook your lunch in the morning

 I often see people looking for lunch ideas at lunch time. In my opinion that is too late. Unless you are a role model of discipline, when you are hungry, you will choose food and portion differently. Most likely you will go for bigger portions, more food and high-carbohydrate meals. So why don’t you cook your lunch in the morning?

Lunch time doesn’t come by surprise, it will happen everyday and we going to get hungry at some point during the day.

This is my next diet tip for you, this is what I do: I plan my meal a night before; I make sure I have everything I need. The meals I cook in the morning always easy to make and they don’t take too much time to prepare. I leave the more complicated recipes for those days when I have a day off.  I often cook enough food for two days, I don’t mind to eat leftovers. I rather to have my own, home made, nutritious lunch the next day again, than a store packed, often unhealthy sandwich.

When I wake up I quickly prepare the dish, and have my morning coffee while it’s cooking or baking. When it’s ready, I take out a portion and let it cool down so I can pack it to my lunch box before I leave my home.


There are many ways I benefit from this, but let me share  my top 10 reasons why I cook my lunch in the morning:

1, I eat a home made dish from fresh ingredients, without any additives, preservatives. I know what is in it.

2, I will have the meal there, ready, when I get hungry.

3, I eat the right portion, I don’t overeat.

4, I don’t waste my lunch break to get something first and have my meal in a hurry, I always able to sit down and eat slowly and enjoying it too.

5, I eat  cooked meal every day.

6, I never get home from work being extremely hungry and usually I just have a lighter dinner.

7, It’s nice to know after a long day that I don’t need to cook anymore when I get home and I can enjoy the evening.

8, By eating a wide variety of foods, I get all the essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, in other words I have a balanced diet.

9, I always eat what I like, and its always delicious. After all, I made it!

10, I know that my husband can enjoy the same, above mentioned 9 benefits too.

I must admit there are some days when I don’t have a cooked meal with me for lunch. Why? Occasionally some of the foods I make have a strong odor, for example if it was made with lots of garlic, or if it has sauerkraut in it. I prefer to eat these meals at home, after work. Also, some of the Hungarian dishes, like fish soup is not really suitable for packing, again I will consume it when I get home.

On those days, when I don’t pack my cooked meal, I make a healthy sandwich with or without a lighter salad on the side, or just make a filling salad.

I strongly recommend you to try my tip, and cook your lunch in the morning. It will definitely help you to stick to your diet plan and maintain a balanced diet. Believe me, I don’t particularly like to cook, but I love good food. Putting a meal together is nothing, still by the time I leave my home for work, I feel I have accomplished something for that day.

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Good luck!


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