Diet Tip # 2 – Natur Yogurt

I don’t eat 100 % healthy, but I try my best every day to pick between healthy or sometimes just healthy looking and not so good meals. Plus, I want to eat the food I enjoy too, something tasty with good nutrients. Natur yogurt or flavored? Navigating between the selection of plain yogurts and dessert like flavored yogurts can be a challenging task sometimes.

Every once in a while I make small changes in my eating habit, and I stick to them. One of these changes was couple years ago to buy unflavored yogurt only. It wasn’t an easy decision, since the selection of the very appealing and absolutely delicious yogurts are huge. Many of those were my favorites, because of their great taste and their fancy packaging. The trouble was I ate them everyday, and I wasn’t aware how much added sugar, thickeners, starch, flavorings and who knows what else I consumed.

Most people think yogurt as a healthy food and they don’t pay attention to the unwanted sugar, high fructose corn syrup hidden in it. They don’t think of the preservatives and fillers they mixed with.

Since I buy natur yogurt only, I don’t need to watch out for the ingredients anymore.My favorite yogurt has one ingredient only: yogurt.

By deciding to follow this diet tip, doesn’t mean you will only eat plain yogurt. Although I often eat it plain, I enjoy adding some seasonal or tropical fruits to it like strawberries, raspberries, coconut and pineapples, peach or whatever I have at home.


You could do the same, flavoring your plain yogurt with your favorite fresh or dried fruits or cereals, nuts, even seasonings and extracts like vanilla or cinnamon. Soon you will realize it taste better than the store–bought and you control your sugar intake .

Natur yogurt is your best bet to cut back on calories and added sugar, but you will benefit from the higher amount of protein and calcium too.

Don’t forget that plain yogurt can be used for dips, dressings, smoothies; in many baking recipes you can replace sour cream with natur yogurt without sacrificing taste.


In this column I would like to share some healthy diet tips regularly. I am not a nutritionist; everything I write is based on my personal experience, opinion and my own researches of the related information. I trust my intuitions and always listen and watch my body’s reaction, however if I get lost between reading these signals I am curious enough to search for the right information and learn from it.

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