Diet tip # 1 – Drink water !

Diet tip # 1 - Drink water!


In this column I would like to share some healthy diet tips regularly. I am not a nutritionist; everything I write is based on my personal experience, opinion and my own researches of the related information. I trust my intuitions and always listen and watch my body’s reaction, however if I get lost between reading these signals I am curious enough to search for the right information and learn from it.


There are many popular, famous and infamous diet books and plans available on the market; some of them restricting carbohydrate, others fat or “just” calories, but they all agree in one thing: you need to drink plenty of water to lose weight or manage, maintain your healthy weight. The conception behind the fat loss effect of drinking cold water is coming from calculating calorie burning : your body may burns more calories to raise the temperature of the cold water from 4 Celsius to 37 Celsius. It makes sense; however the amount of calories you can burn this way is insignificant, so I would not based my fat burning on that, but I drink water for the sake of my health.

It is well known, that water is very good for your health and you probably heard it a million times in the school, from the TV, from the radio, read about it, because it has always been a repeated subject. And if you lucky enough to live in a developed country, then cold drinking water is available for you, it is always within a few step reach in your house, office, work. But do you drink enough of it?

Water is a life sustaining drink for us; approximately 70 % of our body mass is water. We just simply can not live without it. Loss of water will affect our mental and physical performances.
Our body lose water just by breathing, sweating and water also evaporates through the skin. In high temperature, high altitude or dry air and during exercises this increases.
You should never wait, till you feel thirsty. By the time you feel thirsty you have already dehydrated, and have lost a minimum of two cups of water.

There are arguments how much water you should take daily, but nobody recommends less than 8 glasses of water per day. In my opinion 8 glasses isn’t enough, especially when you exercise and you have to consume water before, during and after the workout, but  this could vary from person to person ,and from the size of the glass :).

Drink water throughout the day; never try to have all at once, which is very dangerous! Have a glass of water before eating, it will fill you up a bit and also good for your digestion.

Good luck!


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