Diet tip # 1 – Drink water! ( part II. )The strategy


So by now if you have read Diet tip # 1 – Drink water! , it’s clear why we need to drink lots of water but do you drink enough? Most people would say “of course!”, “yes I drink a cup of water with every meal…” or “I drink this much milk, juice or coke or whatever people drink when they thirsty”. But nothing can replace water.

I had my own strategy, but after analyzing it I had to realize it’s not perfect. Some days I drink enough ,some days I am only close to my personal goal of 2,5 litres on days when I don’t workout and 2,8 litres when I do.
I usually drink from a smaller glass or cup, with the volume of 200 ml, so I have to have 13-14 glass of water during the day. That is quite a lot.
To make it clear, when I say water, I mean water, clear water only. I don’t count my 4-6 cups of coffee, or my milk I have with my cereal for breakfast or, neither any soups or protein shake. I don’t drink sodas, or just very rarely. I have juice twice a year, as often as alcohol and energy drinks, so I don’t think I need to count with these liquids.

So until now, I was following this strategy: I was systematically drinking a cup/glass of water assigned to certain tasks or activities, like
1, first thing in the morning after waking up
2, before leaving my home going to work or leaving my home for few hours
3, before starting to work
4, with my lunch
5, during work
6, before leaving work
7, first thing when getting home from work
8, with dinner
9, before exercise
10, during exercise
11, after exercise
12, last thing before going to bed
13, anytime I give water to my dogs

This is 13 cups of water, but of course I don’t work everyday and I don’t exercise everyday, so on those days I think I fail to have my two and a half litre. Also sometimes these tasks overlap, for example I drink water when I wake up, but I give fresh water to the dogs as well at the same time. So I have to improve on this strategy.

Personally, I don’t think carrying a bottle of water with me all day is a good idea and the solution I need. First of all we should always drink fresh water, like tap water or water from coolers. Secondly, I can’t stand the plastic bottles and all the waste we generate by thinking they are cool to carry. The only time we should have water from plastic bottle, when nothing else is available. Seriously. I am not an environmental fanatic, but I think we have to stop producing mountains of waste of plastic bottles.

But let’s get back to my plan.
I was thinking all day long what would be that additional task or activity, something I do every day, regardless of work or schedule, to attach the “drink a glass of water” rule. And I came up with this idea: I will drink a glass of water anytime I have to go to pee. That is something I do often and everyday, probably will have some overlapping again, but I think this will help to fill the missing gap in my plan.
Also, I will drink a glass of water right after every cup of coffee I had.

What do you think? Sounds like a good plan?
How do you make sure you drink enough water during the day?



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