Count or countdown!

The best thing is about working out at home that no matter what happens around me, how hectic life becomes I can always free up 10-20 minutes to exercise. The past two – three weeks was like that, one problem just came after the other and I – like a combat game hero on Play Station – was taking life’s challenges. I didn’t have time to make my exercise videos, but didn’t stop working out.

If you regularly exercise, you must understand this and feel the same way: there is always something to worry about whether is family or love, money or work; our life is constantly changing, everything is unsure.  It’s a good feeling that I have something nobody can take away from me, something I can just do in Hungary, in Mexico, in the UK or wherever I am, in my home or in someone else’s home, in a hotel room or in a park. During those 10-20 minutes of  exercises I focus on the workout and everything else is irrelevant and at the end, when I look in the mirror I like what I see and I feel good about my body. One problem less to worry about and the strength I gain through exercises gives me the confidence and power to cope with life. Do you agree?

How do you power up for life?

                                    THE COUNTDOWN WORKOUT BREAKDOWN

The Countdown Workout is a 10 minutes long – guess what? – countdown.
After setting up my Gymboss timer I was repeating 10 jump lunges followed by 10 push ups with side plank. This was one set. My goal was to repeat as many sets during these 10 minutes as I could. What do you think, how many I was able to complete? You can found out from the video.
Let’s start the countdown!

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