Core Cardio Workout


I am ashamed of it, but I don’t have a very good posture. Or let’s say I don’t always pay attention to stand, walk or sit up straight. Whenever I notice it in the mirror or in a shop’s window I correct it immediately, but I wish I wouldn’t have this problem.

So I  started to have a bigger focus on my core muscles. I have realized, when I do more pull ups or other back exercises my poor posture naturally improves without being conscious about it.
Lately  I  do more exercises to train those muscles called core muscles.
The core muscle group is in the body’s center of gravity that supports the torso, the spine. It is the mid section with abs, hips, lower back.
Training your core can help to prevent injuries; will improve strength and performance, balance and stability. Since balancing is my other issue – I always have, and that is why I never learn to ride a bike – I will stick to these exercises!!!!

Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the lights on while recording this video, so the image quality is poor, but hey! I am still visible!

                                                  WORKOUT BREAKDOWN:

In this core cardio workout I have repeated 7 different exercises twice and had a total of 14 rounds.

1, 25 Squats with twist

2, 20 Jump Lunges

3, 25 Mountain climbers

4, 20 Push up and side plank

5, 25 Side plank hip raise right side

6, 25 Side plank hip raise left side

7, 10 Burpees

After 30 seconds break I have repeated these 7 exercises one more time. Including the break, it took me 12 min 18 seconds to complete it.

Do you walk tall? What do you do for your posture?


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