Chilled Sour Cherry Soup

One of the best things to have on a hot summer day is a Chilled Sour Cherry Soup. But I don’t limit myself to eat this food during summer only. Not to mention that if I would wait for a hot summer day here in England, I would never eat chilled sour cherry soup.


If you never made this chilled sour cherry soup before, I can assure you, it’s very simple, impossible to mess it up. And of course it takes only few minutes to prepare it. Just like I prefer short workouts, I rather to spend my time outside the kitchen; I don’t like to make meals takes too long to cook.

If I was in Hungary, I would use fresh sour cherry, but I haven’t seen any since I moved here, to the UK. It was a real challenge to get the canned cherry too, only one store sells it as far as I know. So I gave up: preservatives or not, I didn’t have the option if I wanted to make chilled sour cherry soup, I had to use whatever was available.

First I have poured the pitted sour cherry with its syrup in to a small cooking pot and added the same amount of water to it. I have used the jar of the cherry for this.

I only added a quarter of a well washed small lemon and few whole cloves for flavoring. The syrup was sugary already, but you can add some sweetener to it if needed.

I cooked it for approximately ten minutes, when I mixed a small pot of single cream into it and cooked it together for two more minutes. When it cooled down to room temperature, I poured the soup into a glass bowl, and put it in to the fridge for few hours to cool down completely.

I like to serve it with whipped cream, but if you try to loose weight, you should stay away from the whipped cream. Don’t worry the chilled sour cherry soup delicious on its own.


Try it! You won’t regret it!


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