Anger Management Workout


Anger Management Workout?! What is that like?

Generally speaking sport, workout has a calming effect on our life and can make us feel more confident. Those who live an active lifestyle and work out regularly can react much better during stressful situations; they don’t get frustrated as easily or lose their temper.

I think I belong to that group as well, my patience have been tested during many stressful circumstances. But I can get upset, and then I can’t even stand myself. First I just fuss around until I get calm enough to sit down and have a coffee, and often after that I feel the urge to workout.

Working out angry or when you are upset can be dangerous though, because we already have an escalated heart rate and blood pressure, we shouldn’t increase them any higher. Working out angry can put you at higher risk of getting injured too.

When I am finally a bit calmer it feels fantastic to work out that extra energy, the anger, the stress. At that time I already able to focus on the exercises not who or what caused my anger earlier.

I wasn’t upset when I was recording this video; on the contrary, I was quite happy. Could be this the reason why I couldn’t beat my previous results? Anyhow, I enjoyed this workout and the effect it had on my body!!!!


The anger management workout has only two exercises horizontal pull up and push up. My original plan was to do 10 reps of  pull ups and 10 reps of push ups and repeat this till I can just no longer able to finish a set, but pretty soon I have realized I have to reduce this to 5 and 5 reps. At the end I have completed 14 sets. I was using my P90X pull up bar.

Have a worry free day!


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