About Me


I am Monika Kiss, a fitness enthusiast and the writer and producer of this site. Married, 38 years old and working full time as a manager.

I have been always a very active person, although my sport activity was varying throughout the years from swimming to running, dancing, working out in a gym to home exercising. Somehow home exercising was something I was keep returning, because it is the most convenient and cheapest, but effective way to keep myself in shape. I also don’t like to waste my time getting to the gym, being told what to do or waiting for the equipments; my life is too busy for that.

I love the freedom of working out when I feel like, whether it is 5 o’clock in the morning or 11 in the evening (my neighbours may don’t love this as much). Additionally I walk a lot, whenever and wherever it is possible, often with our two dogs Roxy and Dodi.

I really enjoy eating, but I try to avoid any food with preservatives, I make everything at home from real, fresh food. I cook since I was 12, and my cooking has changed a lot since. I no longer follow the traditional Hungarian cooking; I make these meals as healthy as possible. I am a coffee addict and guilty of eating dark chocolate regularly, but I punish myself with more exercise and cutting back on other foods.

I would like to share how I exercise at home in order to get in to a better shape, building strength, improving my health, staying sexy and confident. Hopefully I can inspire you while I share the adventures of my fitness journey. If you wish to follow me, most of these short and intense workouts can be done in a small space at home, using your own bodyweight only, without being gender specific. Don’t think home workout means easy workout!

Transforming our body starts with transforming our mind first, then you can gain full control over your body and get into your best shape!

Good Luck,

Monika Kiss

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