300 reps short shorts workout


This week is my special legs and butt week. Everyday, in each workout I torture my lower body. So far two days have passed, and I still able to walk. But today’s workout is harder, it has 300 reps, and I think this is the hardest of all. These exercises in my today’s workout are targeting the glutes, hips and the thighs. They are great for melting the fat away and reduce cellulite – the woman’s curse.

If you would like to wear short shorts this summer, these are the best exercises to tighten your legs and your rear end.

At the end of the week I may – it is not! a promise – post the detailed list of all the exercises I have done during the week.

This was not a time challenge, but I have tried to do the exercises one after the other without rest, or I just had a very short – few seconds – break. It took less then 17 minutes to finish the entire workout, which I still consider a short workout, compare to the long hours people usually spend in the gym.

                                                     WORKOUT BREAKDOWN

 1, 30 reps backward lunges – alternating leg

2, 30 reps  frog squats

3, 30 reps one leg dead lift – left leg

4, 30 reps one leg dead lift – right leg

5, 30 reps  mountain climbers

6, 30 reps hip raises – right leg up

7, 30 reps hip raises – left leg up

8, 30 reps squat jumps

9, 30 reps one leg elevated lunges – right leg

10, 30 reps one leg elevated lunges – left leg

Enjoy it!


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