Spinach Salad


Which type of kid were you? The one who loved spinach or did you belong to the anti- spinach group?

I don’t remember if my parents had to come up with any kind of Popeye story and if they did how and in what aspect they could apply that on me, but I loved spinach. Matter of fact spinach puree or the most equivalent to it in Hungary “Spenot fozelek”, was my favourite meal.

Nowadays, I eat more fresh spinach leaves instead, I love it in salads.

                SPINACH SALAD


I used to buy this Spinach Salad in Costco, but I can’t get anymore so I make it at home.

The ingredients are:       

  • well washed, fresh spinach leaves, preferably baby spinach
  • Goat cheese
  • Cashew, Brazilian nuts and almond
  • Apricot, cut into small pieces


Gently, mix these ingredients together, than prepare the dressing in a small bowl. For the dressing combine vinegar with honey – half and half. Serve this mix alongside the spinach salad, don’t let the spinach soak in the honey -vinegar mix.

Alternatively you can make this spinach salad with peach, instead of apricot or with apple – I have tested both and liked them.

If you have these ingredients home, it could take just few minutes to prepare this healthy salad. I especially like to have it on days when I feel bloated, when I feel I gained weight and want to eat something light.

Enjoy this Spinach Salad!



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