What is in my lunch bag?


What is in my lunch bag is a new column on FitiFuti.com when I regularly let you to peek into my lunch bag. Hopefully by sharing my lunch ideas I can help you to get creative what to take with you for meal.

If you are away from home for 10-11 hours daily like me, it’s crucial to have a packed meal every day, otherwise we can easily end up having cookies, chocolate, and candy from the vending machine or local shop to ease our hunger. And that will ruin our diet and all the effort we put into exercising and living healthy.



So what is in my lunch bag today?  I have packed the leftover from yesterday, steak and spinach salad and a Clementine. For dessert I will have 2 bites of my favourite dark chocolate with 85% cocoa with a cup of coffee and of course water.

Since it takes approximately an hour to get home after work I have the apple as soon as I leave the building which helps to overcome the temptation of bad snacking on the way home.

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