Brutal Workout


Let me tell you, this workout looks much easier than actually it is. Its “just” high knees, “just“ push ups, “just” planks, but….. The day I have recorded this video wasn’t the first day I have completed this routine, it was the third time. The very first time I had my muscles burning, my thighs, my abdominals were aching like hell during the workout. The second time was a bit less painful and I enjoyed it more, but I felt like my lungs and my heart was going to explode. And the third time, I was just very tired.

I won’t lie; I had to take few second rests sometimes, because I just couldn’t move my legs or arms, but the result is amazing. I feel so strong all week, my muscles are so tight, and I would do it again!

This feeling is the main motivation during workouts, what helps me to continue and endure the pain while I work out. As Jane Fonda used to say: “No pain, no gain”.

I would like to know how you do like this workout, how hard was it. Or it’s just me, who found it difficult?

                                           BRUTAL WORKOUT BREAKDOWN


This Brutal Workout has 4 parts, each 4 minutes long. Each 4 minutes had 8 rounds of 30 seconds, when I was repeating two exercises for 30- 30 seconds without any breaks.

Between the 4 minutes parts I only had 30 seconds rest and I moved on by starting the next 4 minutes.

First part:

1, Prisoner Lunges with pulses

2, High Knees

Second part:

1, Crossed Leg Push Ups

2, Mountain climber

Third part:

1, Bicycling

2, Plank

Fourth part:

1, Knee Jumps

2, Frog Squats


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