Raspberry Sorbet

Coconut ice-cream, lemon or raspberry sorbets are my favorites. I have bought so many different brands and selected the bests, but after few months of repeated consumption of the same flavors I wanted something different, something even better, I wanted the perfect sorbet. I wanted to reach the ice cream Nirvana .

Working out barefoot

What are the benefits of working out barefoot? Is it a good idea? After all, being barefoot should be the natural way of being and in many sports like in marital arts, dance, and gymnastics is the norm. Working out barefoot reactivates some small muscles …

Diet tip # 3 – Cook your lunch in the morning

Lunch time doesn’t come by surprise, it will happen everyday and we going to get hungry at some point during the day. I often see people looking for lunch ideas at lunch time. In my opinion that is too late. Unless you are a role model of discipline, when you are hungry, you will choose food and portion differently.

Spinach Salad

Which type of kid were you? The one who loved spinach or did you belong to the anti- spinach group?

10 Minutes Quick Fit Workout

I have a love and hate relationship with Burpees. They are hard to do, but its one of the best body weight exercises for building strength or to burn fat. When I plan my routine for the day I grimace to put Burpees in to it.

Diet Tip # 2 – Natur Yogurt

Most people think yogurt as a healthy food and they don’t pay attention to the unwanted sugar, high fructose corn syrup hidden in it, the preservatives and fillers they mixed with.

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